DCV Industries, Dell and GRC to launch Next-Gen Immersion-Cooled Data Centers in The Middle East

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Collaboration between leading containerized data center, IT technology, and immersion cooling system developers will accelerate deployment of high-efficiency, single phase liquid immersion cooled, containerized data center solutions in the region


Austin, TX, USA and Dubai, UAE – October 19, 2023 – GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), DCV Industries (a daughter company of Emircom LLC), and Dell Technologies announced today a strategic partnership to deliver cutting-edge, immersion-cooled, modular data centers to the Middle East Region.

By combining GRC’s leading patented single-phase immersion cooling, DCV’s robust containerized data center enclosures and Dell’s high-density server technologies, the collaboration aims to offer organizations in the region a comprehensive solution to significantly reduce data center build, maintenance, and power costs when compared to traditional air-cooled facilities.


Conventional data center cooling consumes an enormous amount of electricity, and can account for up to 40% of data center energy usage overall. This power consumption also drives the poor power usage effectiveness ratings of conventional data centers: an average air cooled data center has a PUE of 1.8. By eliminating the need for power-hungry chillers and air conditioning to cool IT equipment, immersion cooling enables operators can achieve a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of <1.03, dramatically reducing data center energy consumption when compared to air cooling. As a result, by replacing air chilling infrastructure with high-efficiency immersion cooling, data center operators can reduce their total power consumption by nearly 40%, along with an associated reduction in carbon emissions. In addition, as it addresses the cooling requirements of the entire server rather than just the CPUs or GPUs and reduces overall power consumption by eliminating server fans, immersion cooling is even more energy efficient than cold plate or direct-to-chip methods.


The integrated solution is purpose-built for the harsh and demanding Middle East environment and is ideal for sustainability-focused organizations.  “Because the IT equipment is submerged in a protective dielectric fluid, immersion cooling provides unique protection against environmental contaminants, static, dust, and condensation, making it especially well-suited for use in containerized data center solutions,” said Paul Edmondson, EMEA Vice President of GRC. “Plus, with rising server energy consumption, power costs, sustainability policies, and regulatory scrutiny, immersion cooling is positioned to be the primary technology enabling sustainability for all data centers today and into the future.”


“Nowadays, with the tremendous influx of data, it is critical to be business-ready faster, turning insights into actions and driving speedy outcomes, yet remaining sustainable and cost efficient. In this environment, to save resources and costs, businesses must act by implementing efficiencies to reduce overall energy use. Our collaboration with GRC and DCV helps customers to significantly increase the capacity of their datacenters using the latest sustainable cooling technology.” said Walid Yehia, managing director, UAE at Dell Technologies


Demand for eco-friendly data centers in the Gulf region is expected to boom with rapid digital transformation. The partnership aims to accelerate deployment of immersion-cooled facilities that favour green, resilient solutions that reduce environmental impact. “Our innovative containerized infrastructure design provides a resilient plug-and-play data center option for harsh Gulf environments while meeting sustainability goals,” noted Mohamad Abou Zaki, CEO, DCV Industries.


About GRC

GRC is The Immersion Cooling Authority®. The company’s patented immersion cooling technology radically simplifies deployment of data center cooling infrastructure. By eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, air handlers, humidity controls, and other conventional cooling components, enterprises reduce their data center design, build, energy, and maintenance costs. GRC’s solutions are deployed in twenty-two countries and are ideal for next-gen applications platforms, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, HPC, 5G, and other edge computing and core applications. Their systems are environmentally resilient, sustainable, and space saving, making it possible to deploy them in virtually any location with minimal lead time. GRC’s commitment to delivering the highest-quality, immersion cooling products on the market is reflected in its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. The company works closely with industry-leading silicon manufacturers to ensure single-phase liquid immersion cooling to be a future-proof solution that cools TDPs of 1000 W and beyond.


About DVC Industries

Founded in 2021, DCV Industries strives to create business value for its customers by delivering Next-Generation Prefab Data Center technologies. DCV offers a wide range of eco-friendly, sustainable, easily transportable, and smart solutions that help companies reduce their carbon footprint, including AIO Container Datacenter, Modular Prefab Datacenter Building and Prefab Telecom Shelters.
DCV’s QUBE reduces cooling energy usage by up-to 50% compared to traditional air-cooled facilities. and allows faster deployment and transportability with its plug-and-play modular architecture, enabling enterprises to quickly scale computing capacity while reducing both costs and the impact on the environment.

Our commitment to standards is uncompromised, with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 4500:2018 enabling us to adopt strong and secure quality designs that are purpose-built for the harsh and demanding Middle East environment and is ideal for sustainability-focused organizations.

DCV Industries is a fully owned subsidiary of Emircom LLC.